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Fray Bentos

26 °C

We went to Fray Bentos because that's where corned beef came from.
We went to the old factory. It shut down 40 years ago. It used to process 1000 cows in one day. We saw the slope that the cows walked up into the factory. I thought it was scary mary.
It is a museum now. I think it is OK now. Mummy didn't like the thought of it but daddy did.

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Sweet South America

South America is very good for sweet stuff. You can get cake, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream and Dulce de Leche. My favourite is Dulce de Leche, which you can only get in South America and Spain.

Dulce de Leche is in everything here. It is in... cake, ice cream, biscuits, sweets and you can have it on toast. It is like caramel, but it is made with milk and sugar.

There are sweet shops everywhere in Argentina. They sell sweets called Bon o Bons. They are yummy. At the airport in Buenos Aires, I bought a sweet that looked like a witch. Her body was green and her clothes were purple, plus her hair as ginger.

Argentina is good for ice cream shops. They are called Heladeria.I had an ice cream the other day in a Transformers cup and a couple of days after that I had an ice cream in a cup shaped like a bus. You have hundreds and hundreds of flavours in Argentina. My favourites are Fruits of the Forest, Dulce de Leche and custard.

My mummy and daddy's favourite pudding is Flan Casero and we keep on eating it.

Argentina loves sweet stuff, but don't eat too much of it!

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Mendoza and Maipu

rain 20 °C

After a few days in Mendoza City, we went to stay near a town called Maipu.

We stayed in a hotel called Tikaykilla with a dog called Socky. He was cute, stinky, wet, curious and beautiful.

We went to an Olive oil place. We tasted olives. We also bought our favourite olives of them all. They were called Manzanilla.
The next day we went to El Enemigo. It is a winery and we had lunch there. Mummy and Daddy got to taste the wine and I smelt it, but I found it boring. I loved the food. The food was delicate and delicious. The lady who helped us was called Eugenia. She was sweet.
Soon after we went into the cellar. It was meant to represent hell. It was daunting and the sculptures were menacing.

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Museo De Los Ninos

We took the Subte to the Museo De Los Ninos. It was fun when it was quiet, but not when it was busy. While we were there, I played in the pretend MacDonalds, Supermarket, Santander Rio Banco and a football stadium.
In the supermarket I bought cereals, fruit, dinner, soap, washing powder and milk. Then I played in the crane on the ship. After that, I went down the toilet. It was a slide down a pretend toilet to the sewer.
Finally, I went into a sweet factory and an aeroplane.

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El Calafate

Perito Moreno Glacier

We flew from Ushuaia to El Calafate. We stayed in a hotel with a spa. On our first night we had a Jacuzzi. The next day we went to see Glacier Perito Moreno. It was massive and bits of ice kept falling off and thundering their way down into the beautiful blue lake below. We walked on the path and we wanted to take make a sound recording. Then I dropped the sound recorder over the barrier! A man went under the barrier to get it.
I said muchas muchas gracias, which means thank you very very much!!

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Punta Arenas 2

Ships and graves

First we went to see the old ships that had been remade. One was called Magellan and the other was called the Beagle.
Next week went to the cemetery. It was spooky and sad!
Finally we found a bench to sit on and have lunch.
After that we went to Mr Snack. We got a coffee for mummy but daddy didn't get what he wanted. The lady behind the counter made hot chocolate for daddy so I had the hot chocolate and so daddy had a different coffee.
Then I wrote a story about the boat.

Once upon a time there was a person who was called Charles Darwin and he wanted to build a ship and he called it The Beagle. It was made out of wood.
The best day to go he thought would be Monday. Yes! And they did. It howled and wailed no matter when. The stormy wind blew.
They finally got used to it.
One night there was a really bad storm and the animals escaped. They kept trying to get them back and finally they did.
They arrived back home safely with their animals.

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We had a 12 hour bus journey here. It was too long for me! We got to Ushuaia.
The day after that we got a taxi to Glacier Martial.
IMG_201703..5319176_HDR.jpgIt was only one hour of walking but I was tired so we stopped for an apple.
The next day we went on a boat trip in the Beagle Channel.
While we were on board we saw a whale, penguins, cormorants, sea lions and seals playing in the sea.

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Punta Arenas

The Rainbow Warrior


Yesterday we went down to the seafront. We looked at the cormorants. While we were looking at the birds we noticed a big green ship. It had Rainbow Warrior written on it and it had a picture of a dove coming out of a rainbow.
The French Government blew up the first Rainbow Warrior in 1985 because they didn't like Greenpeace. So we went to have a look but it was a long way.
As it was open, we went on a tour.
If it wasn't open we would have taken out washing to the launderette or gone to the cafe.

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Torres Del Paine 4

The Glacier

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Yesterday we went on a big boat trip. We went to a gigantic lake called Lago Grey. The trip was called a navigation. We went to see a huge glacier.
On the way we saw blue and purple icebergs. When we got to the glacier we went upstairs to look at it. It was beautiful. We sailed to the other side and it was stunning. It was like an adorable frozen wall but it was a frozen river.
It was comfortable inside but not outside. When we got off the boat there was a strong, evil wind. We screamed because it was so windy.

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Torres Del Paine 3

Horse Riding

overcast 11 °C
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Yesterday was an exciting day. We decided to go horse riding.

When we went to the stables the nice people asked us if we had ridden before. Daddy had never ridden but mummy and I had.
My horse was called Paine. He was naughty because he wanted to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. He was a hungry horse and he was a thirsty horse. He put his head down all the time as he was trying to eat the fresh grass. It was cold and windy. When it was drinking time I was so so shocked. It was so funny and fun because he wouldn't come out of the water.
Paine didn't like the stinky mud so he ran into the spiky bushes.

After the ride I brushed my horse. His mane was golden and his hair was so soft.

I love riding but I would not like to tide Paine again.

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Torres Del Paine 2

A very long walk.

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The next day we went to Torres Del Paine park. It is called Torres because of the mountains, it is called del because that means of and it is called Paine because in the old language that was how you said blue.
We went walking in the park. We saw guanacos They look orangey red and have white on them. They are a small version of a camel and they are herbivores. They ran away when we went near them.
We looked at mountains as well. Then we saw types of ostriches called nandus. They looked like to a little version of ostriches and they are related to ostriches. We saw a waterfall and I saw an owl. It was staring at us.
Pumas are mountain lions. They live where we were walking and we saw lots of guanaco bones because the pumas eat guanacos. That made me feel super sad. Would it make you feel super sad? We also felt a bit scared but it was alright as we were in a group. They like to attack cyclists who are on their own.
Finally we reached where we were going to a cave. To get up there you had to climb up a mountain. At the top we saw cave paintings. In the cave paintings was a person and a guanaco.
We had to get back before the pumas came out. On the way back we saw an armadillo and mummy was super excited.

It was a five hour walk and my feet got swollen, they really itch and they are still hurting now!

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Torres del paine.

We had a long car journey and we had a long plane journey.

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Mummy woke up really early and woke up daddy and me. We had to run to the shuttle bus to the airport.
We had to wait in a very long queue. In the end went to another queue and then finally we got to the front then went on the aeroplane.
When we got there we got a taxi to the place where you hire a car. Daddy wasn't happy because he didn't like the car we had to have the car we drove to hotel it took 2 hours .

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Long car journey.

Mummy gets lost and Daddy drives for a long time.

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Today is the day before we are going to Patagonia. We got a parking ticket and we went to pay the fine it was 34000pesos with is just like £40.

After that we drove to santiago on the way we stopped and looked into the shops. We couldn't find a prize for my blog so we had sushi and then we drove onwards and went to our hotel. Then we went to Jumbo. That is a weird shop name isn't it? We bought mu.my some insoles and bought me a tshirt which I am wearing right now.

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We stay in a weird hotel!!!

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We are staying in Valparaiso in a weird hotel.It is weird because it has got high ceilings and it looks like a house and it has cats and our bathroom our bathroom is outside our room. You have to walk up the stairs to get to it.
We got a trolley bus to the museum. The trolley bus that we went on was 70 years old. It was the Naval museum we went to because my great great great granddad came to Valparaiso when he was 12 on a ship. He celebrated his 13th birthday in Valparaiso. He was called Frederick Roper. We couldn't see him in the museum but is was all about the Chilean navy and he was in the British navy. We saw a boat room. When we were leaving I got a badge.

Then we got the lift down. It was weird because it was outside. There are lots of them in Valparaiso. Mummy saw 15 on the map.

We have just had some breakfast and we are going out to go on a boat. Do you like going on boats???

Now I have come back from going on the boat. On the boat we saw sealions. They were right up next to us on something. I have never seen sealions before that's why I didn't know what they smelled like. They smelled pongy of fish because they eat so much fish. We even saw a baby sealion. We saw the navy and they were getting ready to go on a ship and their band was about to play.

When we came back we had empanadas. I had a pineapple and cheese in mine which in Spanish is called queso piña.

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On the beach time.

It was rocky!!

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Yesterday we went to the beach and made sculptures with the stones and daddy climbed over the rocks. It said something in Spanish on the rocks.

The next day we had breakfast after that we went to the beach and played with the dogs from the hotel we played on the beach we paddled Daddy saw penguins we saw starfish with thirty legs. Then we played with the dogs at the playground in the hotel.

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