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Daddy drives and mummy tries to follow the map!!!!

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We spent time shopping in Santiago. We loved it! Then we had to go to the airport and get our car that we hired. Then we had to have another long car journey back to the hotel. Then we went to a place to eat dinner. It was lamby and crabby because that is what they eat in Patagonia. There were great big pits of fire with lamb on top. It was called Meson Patagonia.

The next day we got in the car to drive to Valparaiso it was 3 hours and we stopped on the way it was old fashioned in there.

Then we drove onwards to Vina del mar and stopped on the way to look at the beach.
Then we stayed in an old house that was wooden that changed into a hotel. It was super stinky and weird. We definitely wanted to leave the next day and we did. Then we had a long car journey. We saw loads of wine places which are vineyards and we saw lots of the sea. After that we went to the seaside where we had a bite to eat. Mummy and daddy had empanadas and I had fish and chips with an egg.
Then we drove off again towards Pichidangui where we are staying but when we got to the toll gates on the motorway the lady didn’t let us through because we just had cards not cash. Then all the big lorries were hooting at us and I screamed. Luckily mummy called the people running the place we are staying in and said no tenemos plata which is in Spanish and they came and gave us cash.
When we got here I loved it and screamed I love it!. There was a playground, it was like camping but it was huts and I have a bunk bed in my bedroom that is the kitchen and the living room.

The next day we went to the beach and made sculptures with the stones and daddy climbed over the rocks. It said something in Spanish on the rocks.

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My First Backpacking Trip

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We were moving house and had to rent a place. Then we had to go away and we did. It was so crazy when we packed up ready to go. We went in the car and we drove off to granny P's and left most of our stuff there. We went to the airport. We were carrying our brand new backpacks. We had to hurry to the plane.

It was so long on the plane. It was 14 hours. It is the longest British Airways flight.

Then we were finally there. It was Chile. I don't know anything about Chile except that they speak Spanish. I can speak to them.

Last night we went to Johnny Rockets. They had burgers and balloons and hats. I loved it!!!

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Guggenheim and a playground


Last night I ate pinxos which is like tapas. The best part was my patatas bravas. They were like wedges. Yummmmy! I went to sleep with mummy and daddy and then I woke up with mummy and daddy and then I watched TV in Spanish because we are in Spain. Then I got changed and went to breakfast. I had some I have never had. It was a pastry with custard in it.

Then we went to the Guggenheim. The museum was weird inside because it had weird shapes. It was a weird building, to be honest. We looked at art and I saw Pablo Picasso's bird. It was graceful as a ballerina.

For lunch I had octopus and mashed potato. I liked the octopus but not the potato because it had papreeka which is spisy.
After that we went to the playground. My hair got stuck in the twisty turny thing. It felt hurty and I started screaming and there was a pink red mark. If you go to the playground don’t go on the twisty turny thing if you have got long hair. After that we went to fetch our car. Then we went to our hotel to get our luggage, then we drove around the city and went to the airport and we took the car back. And then we got on our flight and I started writing my blog.

Then I stopped and we had to get off and we had to find our way to the train and then we had to get on the train and I sat on my car seat.

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Travelling to Bilbao

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I was having my best dream when all of a sudden my Mummy woke me up. She said "It is 4.15am. Get ready quickly."

I was half awake. I got dressed as quick as I could I got my coat on. I walked across the road into the taxi. We started driving. When we were halfway there I started saying "I feel sick" and started vomiting and vomiting then I felt much better.

We finally got to the airport then we checked in and got n our flight. Then we landed and we got off the plane and went into the airport and hired a car. Daddy didn't know to drive it. and then we got on the road. we were halfway there and I started saying I'm hungry I'm hungry. Then we were at the hotel. We looked at some rooms. We said we want this one. Then we got some food in a square. I had a burger, Mummy had a burger and daddy had seafood salad. I spoke in Spanish to the waiter. Then we went to some shops and I bought what I always wanted, a cushion. Daddy bought his favourite thing in the shop which was a mug. Mummy bought what she likes. They are sunglasses. The person at the counter was speaking in Spanish.

Now we are in the hotel writing my blog and later we are going to eat tapas, which is very Spanish. I love tapas. Yummy!

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