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Japanese Toilets

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The controls for a Toto Washlet Japanese toilet:

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Capsule Hotel

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We stayed in a capsule hotel near Haneda Airport in Tokyo.



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Taj Mahal, Agra, India

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Today we went to the Taj Mahal and it was boiling hot. It was 39 degrees (that's 2 degrees warmer than your body) so we walked around the outside of the Taj mahal and got some photos of the Taj Mahal, then we queued up to go into mausoleum and it took ages. Unfortunately, lots of people were pushing in front of us, so it took quite a long time to get in.

There was a festival, so everyone who was involved in it got to go in first. There was a long cloth that was multi-coloured and it was going into the Taj Mahal. People were holding it to keep it going. When the queue ended we got to the entrance and took off our shoes to go in.

Then there was an elderly lady who was having heat stroke so we had to help her. We tried to work out what country she was from by saying every language we knew. She said yes to German, but she wasn't actually german! So then we started shouting, find German tourists. and a few minutes later my Dad came back with four german tourists, with one being a doctor. We said to get emergency help but the security didn't. They did get her a wheelchair, but we said she couldn't sit up so we kept giving her water, then she said she was Romanian! Then a few minutes later a stretcher came and they took her to hospital. It actually turned out her name was Maria.

Then we went to the entrance. I wanted to relax so I waited outside with my mum. So my dad went in but he didn't go downstairs as people were falling down there and it was crammed. Twenty or so minutes later he came out and saw us sitting on a higher ledge. Then he said he wanted to take some photos so then we went into the Taj Mahal. Inside it the ceilings were very tall and it was incredibly beautiful, with lots of patterns. We didn't go downstairs either! I saw a boy crying and his dad carrying him, which made me a bit apprehensive. On the ground floor, there were two coffins made of marble with roses scattered on them, there was money on both.

Then we walked around the outside of it and there were beautiful patterns going in all directions. Then we went to the exit, but when we got out, we couldn't find our shoes so we asked the security guard and he said that the cleaner had moved them down to the fountains. So then we went and got them and went back to the hotel.

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When we went to Quito, we went to stay in a hotel which was in a beautiful buildingt called La Casona de la Ronda. We went sightseeing and we went dancing. It was fun, but also a bit tiring because of the altitude.

We went ot El Panecillo.
We got a taxi there. The driver was really sweet. It is the Virgin Mary with wing. Apparently it´s the only one in the world.
The building work started in 1955 and it took 20 years. It was stunning and I would recommend it. We walked up inside it. It was so amazing because there was a beautiful view of Quito.

We were looking fror a place to eat. Mummy and I wanted to go to the dancy clappy one, however, daddy didn´t want to but we went there. Guess what they had. They had giant cheese empanadas. They were like lovely tasty massive hot cornish pasties. They were as big as a bed pillow. There was even a band playing lovely lively latin music. Mummy and I wanted to go up to dance, Daddy was like "what?" We still went to dance. It was salsa, so it was super fun.

We met some lovely people. They were from Denmark and England and their names were David and Ann. Ann had her birthday in Quito. We celebrated it too. Mummy and I asked for a cake and they brought one. It was beautiful, however it was very small. It even had a candle, a marshmallow and sprinkles. I don´t know how to explain it, but this is what it was like: lovely, fun, nice and delightful!

more to come!

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Isla de la Plata

all seasons in one day 25 °C

When we were in Puerto Lopez, we went on a terrifying tour with Palo Santo tours to Isla De La Plata. We saw whales, turtles, jellyfish and birds. We even went sea-snorkelling.

On the way there I got seasick because the Pacific ocean was rough. We saw massive turtles and we saw beautiful whales jumping along the side of the boat.

When we got to the island we went on a hike. We saw blue-footed boobies. They made a sound like this: "hoo hoo"on each other´s beaks. We also saw frigate birds. They looked like they had a giant red and a bit of black balloon under their beaks. It´s for getting the best frigate lady to make babies with them.
After the hike, we went snorkelling. When we were snorkelling, we saw jellyfish. Their colours were pink, purple, red, yellow and blue. We also saw fish. I saw a Dory fish and a school of tiny fish. The teachers and TAs were big, but the head teacher was not that big! There was plankton. The jellyfish stung me and the plankton stung me too.

On the journey back, mummy and I were really terrified because of the rough waves. The men were climbing up the ladder without any life jackets on! When the boat stopped, there was something wrong with the engine. The men were trying to fix it with a spoon! One of the men was reading the newspaper. I don´t know how he could have done that!

I would happily do that again, but without the boat ride.

Would you like to go on a boat ride like that?

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Quinceañera In Lima

Quinceañera is a 15th birthday for girls only.

It is celebrated in South America.

In Lima girls go to the Parque De La Reserva. It is a fountain park in Lima.

I think they choose it because it is very beautiful.

I would like to have a Quinceañera.

I would wear a pink and blue dress.

I would design a fountain like a brightly coloured pyramid with a fruit bowl on the top and hearts eithyer side.

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Scary Plague of Grillos in Peru

Four weeks ago there was a plague of crickets. They even got stuck in people´s hair

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Jungle Animals in the Amazon Rainforest

We went to the Amazon Rainforest in Perú and I wrote a poem about the animals.

The macaws shriek like an important burglar alarm as they steal your food
The caiman sunbathe like a fungi covered log as they try to get their blood warm
The tarantula looks like hairy legs as it crawls over
The jaguar looks like a spotty shadow as it stalks and hides
The howler monkey howls like icy wind
The parakeets sound like walkie talkie as they chatter
The capybaras are the kings of the grass eaters as they shuffle around
The crickets chirp like sweets sticking to each other as they fly around
The titi monkeys smell like damp loos as they climb and chatter along the way
The mosquitoes look like they have an invisibility cloak as they bite you and they might even kill you!!

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Machu Picchu

We went to Machu Picchu by train both ways. Machu Picchu was a lost city of the Incas. It was covered in jungle until 106 years ago. In 1911 it was cleared. There are lots of tourists around because it's very popular.
It was 3 and a half hours. The people were very nice, they gave us a snack. While we were having a snack, we looked at the beautiful view. The train arrived at Aguas Calientes. When we arrived we went straight to our hotel.

When we arrived at our hotel we weren't very impressed with them. There was no heater, no safe and mould on the walls.

We took the bus to Machu Picchu. We were the only people on the bus. Although there were lots of tourists, you could just walk around the corner and there was no one there. I made a video and my video had beautiful views of the ruins.
We liked is so we went back the next day. We did a walk up to the Sun Gate. The Sun Gate is the end of the Inca Trail. It was beautiful, however, it was hard because I had to climb some of it. There was a llama at the top. People were feeding it chocolate and I fed it fresh, tasty green grass.
I will never ever forget Machu Picchu because it's beautiful and surrounded by mountains.

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Cusco and the Chocolate Workshop

My favourite thing in Cusco was the Choco Museo. The Incas also liked chocolate.

Mummy and Daddy didn't like how much it cost. We had to choose which types of chocolate we were making. I chose milk chocolate to use. Daddy made wakey wakey chocolate. Mummy made salty salty chocolate. My chocolate had coconut, M&Ms plus sprinkles and hundreds and thousands.
Daddy made chocolate with coca powder, coffee beans and coconut. Mummy made chocolate with mint, salt and quinoa.
The day after we ate the chocolate.

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Lake Titicaca - The floating Islands

We were in our hotel lobby in Puno. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. There was a man standing on the doorstep.
First he walked us down the road, then he drove us to the harbour then we walked to the boat. It was a speedboat. We travelled to the straw floating Islands, they belong to the Uros people. IMG_201705..4038767_HDR.jpg
We said "Walike". When we arrived on the island the first step we took it felt squishy.
We dressed up in a skirt, cardigan and bowler hat. Then we took off the clothes.
After that we went on a straw boat. It was so big it was a double decker boat with people rowing it plus plus puma's heads made out of straw.

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The Inca Legend of Cusco

We went to Lake Titicaca which is where an Inca god came from. We went to Isla Del Sol and that is where the god called Inti came from. This is the origin story of the Incas.
In the southern region of the Indian region you will find Lake Titicaca and that is where Inti, the Sun God was born.
It's such a beautiful place and perhaps that is why Inti, the Sun God chose that place to be where his children were born.
Their names were Mama Ochlla and Manco Capac and they were born on Isla Del Sol.
They were sent on a mission a few years later to find a holy city and a land for the Incas.
Manco Capac was given a magical golden rod. Inti told them to keep on putting the rod into the soil. They were testing to see if the rod would sink into the soil. They had to start the holy city where the rod sank into the soil.
They travelled for three generations looking for a place to sink the rod in.
They reached a hilltop and Manco tried to put the rod in and it sank into the ground. That meant that this was the place that they should build the city.
Manco Capac and Mama Ochlla named it Cusco Valley and that means the centre of the Earth.
Manco Capac taught the men how to build houses and roads for people plus llamas and grow crops.
Mama Ochlla taught the women how to make clothes and cook food and make drinks and they were taught how to look after children and sing.
Manco Capac and Mama Ochlla in this holy city taught people how to respect others and the Earth.

The End.

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Visit to El Alto Market

We wanted to go to El Alto Market and to go there we went in the cable car called 'Mi Teleferico.'IMG_20170514_173958842.jpg
The altitude is very high at El Alto, it's 4100 metres high that's why there's an incredible view of La Paz. When we were in El Alto market we bought some giant popcorn and Daddy said "Llapa por favor" which means "can we have something for free please?" She just gave us some little ringlets that were OK.
We also bought a bowler hat, blanket an we got some lunch. We had black potatoes and trout. I loved the food. I loved El Alto but I was glad to get down again.

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How to Bless Your House (In La Paz)

Please don't try this at home

These are instructions for how to bless your house before you build it.

You can buy what you need in the witches market.

You will need:

  • A baby llama foetus
  • a cauldron
  • a wand
  • some ash
  • a Yatari (which means witch doctor)

How to do it
First, set fire to the llama
Next, make a hole in the ground
Then put the llama ash into the hole
After that, bury the llama
Finally you just build your house on the top.

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Ciudad Del Este and Asuncion

When we went to Paraguay we thought people were friendly and helpful. Especially when we checked into our first hotel but in the next hotel we stayed they weren't friendly. It was a weird hotel because it was old fashioned. It used to be a theatre. It even had parrots, swings, tennis and a pond. It was called Gran Hotel but it wasn't grand any more.

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